Clean Comedy Time Podcast – Year In Review

Clean Comedy Time Podcast

The Clean Comedy time Podcast is celebrating our first season, and first year, with a best-of show. This episode includes some of our favorite moments with our guests over the entire first season, and we look back at our first year of doing comedy shows in clubs, halls, and churches. Our comedians reflect on their material, how things changed during the COVID-19 quarantine, and how we can’t wait to get back out there.

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Clean Comedy Time Podcast – Gerrit Elzinga

Clean Comedy Time Podcast

Gerrit Elzinga is the (furloughed) House MC at Dr. Grins Comedy Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brian and Aaron talk with him about the on-again, off-again nature of the comedy world right now, his magnificent beard, and how social media makes us angry.

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YouTube: GerritElzinga22

Twitter: @gerritelzinga

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Instagram: Gerrit__Elzinga

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The Kerrit Podcast

Clean Comedy Time Podcast – Jon Houser

Clean Comedy Time Podcast

Jon Houser is a touring comedian who calls Grand Rapids, Michigan home and specializes in American Legion shows to benefit our veterans. Aaron and Brian talk with Jon about how old school technology influences today’s dating, weird movie lines, and how his time in the Boy Scouts prepared him for the pandemic.

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Clean Comedy Time Podcast – Abbie Lemke

Clean Comedy Time Podcast

Grand Rapids born and raised comedian Abbie Lemke joins the Clean Comedy Time Podcast and talks with Aaron and Brian about tips for dating while living paycheck to paycheck, her one-woman show, famous family, and losing her eyesight in Australia. Plus, we bust out our Bibles and talk scripture.

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Clean Comedy Time Podcast – Colton Beveridge

Clean Comedy Time Podcast

Aaron and Brian welcome comedian Colton Beveridge to the Clean Comedy Time Podcast! This time, in the good, the bad, and the funny, we learn all about video games, backpacking and hiking, barbecue and the seriousness of a soda pop addiction. Oh, and it’s “squeaky-clean.”

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Twitter: @Cold_Brew45

Snapchat: Cold_Brew45

Instagram: Cold_Brew45

Facebook: Kava Comedy Night


YouTube: Colton Outdoors

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