What is Clean Comedy?


When you want to understand what clean comedy really is, you can use these easy to remember F-Words of Clean Comedy:

  • FUNNY of course
  • FOR ADULTS it’s not a kid’s show
  • FREE FROM Free From Foul language and topics

Most shows are appropriate for grown-ups but sometimes your kids may need to explain things to you.

You’ll find the F-words on the website for Clean Comedy Time as well.

You can learn more about why I like clean comedy.

Some people say that clean comedy is harder work than dirty, blue, or shock comedy. As I’ve talked to other comics who typically perform that way, I’m told that when they do a clean set it makes them better comedians. Comedy is about a love of language and crafting just the right words to deliver a surprise – resulting in a laugh, followed by more laughter, and then keeping the audience laughing over and over.