Fountain City Amphitheater with Adam Minnick

Date: June 8, 2024
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: Fountain City Amphitheater - 526 Ave B, Bryan, OH 43506

Brian Atkinson performs at The Fountain City Amphitheater in Bryan, Ohio – with Adam Minnick and Angela Verges on Saturday, June 8.

Brian Atkinson

Brian Atkinson is a comedian, and played a serial killer on TV, while doing voices for PBS Kids. This guy-next-door with a radio voice talks about his career in broadcasting, voiceover, and being adopted twice, with twisted observations of everyday life. Brian is an award-winning comedian: Best of The Bash 2022 and 2023, World Series of Comedy 2023 Wildcard 1st Place Winner and 2024 Top 40 Comic, Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest Audience Favorite, and Finalist in the Kingpin of Comedy.

Adam Minnick – Headlining

Adam Minnick is a comedian, writer, and producer. He has worked at comedy clubs across US cities, such as the Improv Comedy Club in Chicago, the Punch Line Philly in Philadelphia, and Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon as well as abroad in Dublin, Perth and Stockholm. Along with clubs domestically and internationally, Adam has performed at colleges and Universities such as Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN and Findlay University in Findlay, Ohio.

Adam combines his act of observational humor with stories of traveling, teaching, appearances, sports, family and his wife to deliver a clean and intelligent act that entertains and engages audiences of all ages. Adam’s unique view on life is due in no small part to having spent much of his youth in the small town of Napoleon, Ohio and Perth, Australia and traveling everywhere in-between.

In addition to working clubs nationwide and appearing at comedy festivals like Gilda’s Laughfest, Flagship City Comedy Fest, and the Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha, Adam has become a published Children’s Author with his first book, “The Adventures of My Crazy Uncle Adam”, which has sold domestically and internationally.

Adam has also been heard on 700 WLW, heard and seen on Talk Is Cheap with Rhonda Corey and featured in the nationally distributed magazine “ECLECTIC MAGAZINE” and the book “200 COMEDY WRITERS AND STANDUPS WALK INTO A BOOK”. He is also the warm-up act for The Huckabee Show and his Dry Bar Comedy special “Low Pay and Disrespect” was released in the spring of 2022, 3 months following its release, it was ranked #2 among the Top 10 Most Watched Dry Bar Comedy specials.

Angela Verges

Angela Verges is a comedian and offers entertainment for companies, churches, and anyone who wants to build a better world through laughter. Angela is high energy and views life situations uniquely through steamed eye-glasses due to hot flashes.

Fountain City Amphitheater

The Fountain City Amphitheater is committed to providing quality experiences to improve the community’s quality of life. The Fountain City Amphitheater believes in strong partnerships with local businesses. Together, we can achieve our goal of providing free events to all, while also offering optimal advertising opportunities.

526 Ave B
Bryan, OH 43506

Brian Atkinson is a Comedian

Brian Atkinson makes jokes, but only the finest artisan, hand-crafted, farm-to-table-saw jokes.

Brian Atkinson has hosted, featured, and headlined at clubs, corporate events, churches, and fundraisers across the country. He’s opened for notable “Bobs” like Bob Nelson, Bob Smiley, and Robert (Bob) G. Lee, and performed at Dr. Grins at the B.O.B. Brian has also opened for Jeff Jena, Kira Soltanovich, Michael Palascak, Adam Minnick, Happy Cole, Leslie Norris Townsend, Tommy Ryman, Chris Young, Andy Beningo, and Dave Williamson.

Brian’s appearances include Bonkerz, Comedy Cabaret, Crackers, Dr. Grins, Funny Stop, Gutty’s, Krackpots, L.A. Comedy Club Las Vegas, Laugh Factory, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, One Night Stan’s, Punchlines, Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy, Gilda’s Laugh Fest, the Maumee, Mary, and Joseph Comedy Festival, and the World Series of Comedy.

Brian’s sharp and smart comedic style has been a hit at clubs, contests, corporate events, churches, fundraisers, and festivals across the country. Born and raised in Chicagoland, Brian calls Grand Rapids, MI home. You can find him on all the socials @BrianAcomedian.

Booking a comedy show like this one with Brian is easy. If you have access to a social hall, church, or country club, Brian will work with you to set up your event and guide you to give your audience the best possible experience. Whether it’s a solo show or a showcase with multiple comedians, Brian Atkinson can produce a comedy show that you’ll love and brag about later.

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