Northern Lanes

Date: December 9, 2023
Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: Sanford, Michigan

Brian Atkinson performs on the Pub & Grub Comedy Tour with Keith Lenart and Bar Comedy USA at Northern Lanes in Sanford, Michigan, Saturday, December 9 8:00pm showtime.

Northern Lanes
1129 E Saginaw Rd
Sanford, MI 48657

Brian Atkinson

He’s not a serial killer, but he played one on TV. Brian Atkinson is a comedian, an all-around nice guy, and a horrible person. His good-guy persona gives way to surprising twists to keep you laughing. While his voice might be the first thing you notice, his confidence, and engaging storytelling will keep you coming back. Brian is a 2023 World Series of Comedy Wildcard 1st Place Winner and has provided voices for PBS Kids while also appearing in a Lifetime Movie Network movie, as a serial killer, in the same studio, on the same day. Brian Atkinson makes jokes, but only the finest artisan, hand-crafted, farm-to-table-saw jokes.

Keith Lenart

Keith Lenart is a regular at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. His television and film appearances include Last Comic Standing, NBC’s So You Think You’re Funny, American Wedding, and Vamps with Sigourney Weaver and Richard Lewis. Billy Crystal’s 61. Keith has worked with comedy legends such as Bobcat Goldthwait, Pauly Shore, Jim Gaffigan, Caroline Rhea, Judy Tenuta and many more.

Brian Atkinson is a Comedian

Brian’s sharp and smart comedic style has been a hit at clubs, contests, corporate events, churches, fundraisers, and festivals across the country. He has a hilarious professional touch that’s a perfect fit – without being offensive. Brian never uses profanity, discusses politics, or suggestive content. Brian Atkinson’s comedy is so funny, you won’t even notice he’s working clean. He’s more than a nightclub comedian trying to watch his language.


Booking a comedy show with Brian is easy. If you have access to a social hall, church, or country club, Brian will work with you to set up your event and guide you to give your audience the best possible experience. Whether it’s a solo show or a showcase with multiple comedians, Brian Atkinson can produce a comedy show that you’ll love and brag about later.
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Bar Comedy USA

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